Marc Ellison

NameMarc Ellison
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Aged 28, a Hartlepool lad nicknamed the ‘wasp’ started playing football in preschool holiday camps and on weekends, was signed for Sunderland at the young age of 8.  From there he went onto Middlesbrough before signing for Hartlepool United full time.  From Hartlepool he had a spell playing for Ostersund in Sweden until 2011 when he returned to Shildon, Darlington, Spennymoor, Crook and finally back to Shildon in 2014.

Like many of the players Marc enjoys being part of a close team working towards clear goals.

“these are exciting times for everyone at the club, especially for the players who have been there for several seasons and who take great pride in helping the club achieve their ambitions”

Growing up Marc spent most of his youth playing football which is something he loves to do with his son Zachary, aged 5 (junior wasp).

“I think its massively important to have him involved in sport or exercise in general not just football – especially in this day and age parents are normally talking to the back of an ipad the xbox takes over. Not only the exercise is good for the kids but the I think the socialising with other children and meeting new people is important and will only help them growing up and into adult life”

Without a doubt this experienced player is a family man with a great outlook to sport, fitness and the future.  He pays homage to his Mam who admittedly he looks up to the most in life as well as blaming her for using football as a babysitting service.

When he’s not on the pitch he can be found playing and watching football with Zachary, spending his money on trainers!

Hopes for the future include success for the club and to keep fit, healthy and happy and be someone my son looks up to and is proud of.

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